Protect Your Business with Customized Commercial Insurance Coverage for Bricklayers


Customizing Commercial Insurance for Bricklayers

Running a contracting business has its own unique set of challenges. Every business is different and each contractor has their own set of clients and equipment. Specific insurance needs can also vary greatly from contractor to contractor. Specialized and customized commercial insurance coverage for bricklayers is available to provide the perfect level of coverage for the specific needs of any masonry business.

More and more insurance companies are offering new types of commercial insurance products that are designed to either complement or take the place of the traditional turnkey approach to insurance policies. Older blanket types of policies often resulted in higher premiums with insurance coverage that was not necessary. These new insurance products make it possible to tailor a fully customized insurance solution that provides just the right amount of coverage - allowing contractors to save money on rates by avoiding coverage that is not needed.  

An experienced insurance brokerage will have the expertise necessary to create a customized commercial insurance package for your bricklaying business. They will take the time to understand your contracting business and help to find the right solution based on the unique business needs and the insurance products that are currently available.

Understanding the Business

In order to effectively customize a commercial insurance solution, the insurance broker should always take the time to get to know your business. This type of personalized service should include understanding how the business works, determining what risks are present and advising what can be done to minimize the exposure to those risks. A full risk analysisand consultation can be performed in order to become familiar with the business and offer suggestions to help you qualify for the best rates.

There are experienced insurance brokers that offer extensive expertise dealing with businesses from any industry and trade sector. They can help you find the right levels of coverage for physical assets, business income, liability exposure as well as any employees and benefits. Depending on the risk assessment results and the specific needs of the business, the following may be applicable:

  • Property Insurance;
  • Equipment Insurance – protects against loss, theft and breakdown of equipment (whether it is owned, rented, leased or borrowed);
  • Surety Bonds – covers fines and damages when contractual obligations are not met;
  • Commercial General Liability;
  • Business Income Protection – protects against loss of revenue due to losses or damages at a contract site;
  • Building Material Replacement Protection;
  • Employee Protection including group accident coverage.

Insurance Solutions You Can Trust

A reputable and respected insurance brokerage such as Regional Insurance will work hard to meet the needs of your business, gain your trust and develop a professional relationship that lasts. Regional Insurance is family owned and operated with the experience necessary to advise you on risk management. They are dedicated to providing personalized service and customized insurance solutions for every client. The service does not stop when you receive your insurance solution, Regional Insurance will also be there for you if or when there is a need to file a claim.

When it comes to protecting your business, there is no one size fits all insurance solution. Contact Regional Insurance to take advantage of their experience providing customized commercial insurance coverage for bricklayers and other contractors today.

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